As all students know, student life is interesting and rewarding. Student participation - individual and collective will make Lester B. Pearson unforgettable for everyone.

Social, cultural, recreational, and educational activities are available and all students are encouraged to participate. Please listen for the daily announcements for the times and places of the various school events.

Social and Academic

Chess Club

The games room has been successfully running since September 2013. The purpose of the games room is to foster a positive environment where students can socialize and engage in different activities such as ping pong, air hockey, board games and more.

It is a great place for our students to develop healthy relationships with peers and diminish negative behaviours due to being bored. It keeps students active all the while having fun.

As is tradition at Lester B. Pearson, students are invited to an evening of festivities to celebrate the end of their secondary education. Students celebrate in style decked out in gorgeous dresses and suits. They arrive that evening looking like the stars they are. Every year Prom is held at a beautiful reception hall decorated with stunning centerpieces, where parents, students and teachers are invited to cocktails. At the end of cocktails students make their way inside to enjoy a 5 course meal including a candy bar. Music is provided by a professional D.J. and students dance the night away. Memories are made and kept with the addition of a photo booth and photographer capturing the evening’s highlights. When the night is over students leave with a evening not be forgotten.

(this club/activity is no longer active)

Dead Poets Society publishes Lester B. Pearson's own weekly student-run newspaper. Each copy is 25 cents and all proceeds benefit the children's literacy fund.

An extracurricular activity designed to extract and optimize students' engineering potential in four branches: mechanical, electrical, civil, and computer engineering. It challenges students to apply classroom theory in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to design a robot with its accessories, a website site and a video.

The students’ engineering project is presented at LBP’s Science Fair and the team with the best design is rewarded with certificates.


On December 20, 2016, GSA, formerly known as Gay-Straight Alliance, changed their name to Gender-Sexuality Alliance. In the spirit of fostering a safer school environment, Lester B. Pearson High School has formed a group called the Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA). The GSA is an inclusive group that welcomes students from all backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities. This space allows students to feel valued, recognized, and accepted. The GSA provides a platform for students to have a voice and empowers them to effect change. Furthermore, the GSA also promotes diversity and awareness through education, support, social justice, and advocacy.

The GSA committee is made up of 25 committed, passionate, and brave students who believe in equality and who want to be part of a movement. The school’s guidance counsellor initiated and developed this project after noticing a need to reach out to the LGBTQ community. The GSA is officially the first of its kind at the EMSB!

Student Council plays an important role in the life of a high school. It is a vital association of students devoted to energizing school spirit and a representative body that gives advice on student interests.

Becoming a member of student council entails making a major commitment as you will be involved in the planning, cleanup, construction, and participation in all Student Life events. You need to be open to change and most importantly, prepared to take on the position of a role model and leader.

Student Council is about personality, creativity, teamwork and dedication.

The Student Council strives to make a difference at LBPHS. We plan activities and put them into action. Some examples of what we do:

  • Secondary 1 Orientation
  • School Dances
  • Carnival Week
  • Holiday Activities
  • Fundraising
  • Leadership Development
  • Community Events
  • Inter-Mural Sports
  • School and Grad Hoodies
  • Green Projects
  • The Student Council also has representatives on the School Governing Board, English Montreal Student Advisory Committee (EMSAC) and EMSB Marketing Committee.

Arts and Culture

An impromptu evening of senior students and staff sharing their poems and music.

Every year, the Opera de Montreal presents a program to the schools that encourages students in secondary 4 and 5 to attend several shows from their annual repertoire at place des arts. This is a unique experience that is offered free of charge. It is also a great way to enjoy an evening out with friends outside of school.

Over the years, students at LBP have seen famous performances such as the Barber of Seville, Turandot, Carmen, Porgy & Bess as well as Madame Butterfly. Today’s operas feature powerful voices, dramatic and flamboyant costumes and perfect understanding of the story.

Going to the opera is a great experience, its fun and different, there is always an atmosphere of excitement.

If you want some multi-sensory, dramatic, escapism for a few hours, why not try Opera? The only thing that is required is the love of music!

The variety show is a long-standing tradition at LBPHS, a performance show held at the end of the year, that showcases all the wonderful and talented performing arts students here at LBPHS.

The show incorporates dances from the LBP Dance Curriculum, ECA dance; Dramatic performances from students’ creative work in their drama classes; and Musical performances. This show allows the students not only the opportunity to gain experience with performing on stage but also to share with everyone their hard work and passion they have demonstrated all year long.

The winning high school DJ will represent his/her school in Italy.

Sports and Dance

Another outdoor soccer season has come and gone and LBPHS was once again well represented in league competition. This year there were five teams comprised of a total of nearly 80 students and 5 staff members competing in the GMAA's 1st division league from the beginning of September until the beginning of November.

Our students competed fiercely against other high school teams from across Montreal and surrounding areas. out of our five teams, four qualified for the playoffs, including the Juvenile and Midget Boys, with the Midgets winning the league championship. This is the second year in a row that a LBPHS soccer team has won a championship in the GMAA, but we are most proud of our stellar disciplinary record this season.

Now the players' attention will shift to the indoor soccer season starting at the end of November. Good luck to all!

This is an ECA activity that takes place after school twice a week. The team has a registered coach from the SLC Cheerleading Organization; which comes in to train the students and create a competitive routine filled with stunts, jumps, tumbling and dance. The Cheerleaders participate in two showcases throughout the year and compete in three competitions.

Community and Fundraising

Since 2011, LBPHS’ Student Council has been very active in the We Schools Movement. Every year, a dedicated committee of Student Council members chooses a We Country to support and a pillar to fundraise towards. We have raised over 20,000$ towards improving education, healthcare, sustainable agriculture, job opportunities in the developing world through our global actions. Locally, our committee organizes recycling plans, food drives, anti-bullying initiatives amongst others to improve both our LBPHS family as well as our community at large.

Since 1981, Lester B. Pearson High School has been an active participant in raising awareness and funds for cancer research. The story of Terry Fox and his battle with cancer, inspired the Lester B. Pearson teaching staff and student body to take action and keep Terry Fox’s dream alive: to find a cure for cancer.

Presently, the Lester B. Pearson Terry Fox Committee continues to raise awareness and funds for the Terry Fox Foundation. Throughout the year, the committee members comprised of dedicated students and teachers organize holiday bake sales, non-uniform days, Santa picture day, and this year a Zumba-thon will also be organized to raise funds. In collecting funds with a pledge form and through the support and donations of parents and community members, Lester B. Pearson has successfully raised over $400,000.00 in the past 33 years. To end the yearly campaign, a walk-a-thon is organized in spring to keep Terry Fox’s dream alive. The walk-a-thon is tradition in the school that alumni speak about dearly. This event has had the most amount of impact on many students and teachers in reliving Terry’s dream.


You can contribute to Lester B. Pearson's Terry Fox campaign online by visiting our fundraising page on the Terry Fox Foundation website.

Thanks for your support.

Previous Initiatives

Lester B Pearson High School is happy to introduce their first official “The Walking Dead Club” extra curricular activity. This weekly after school club is open to all grade levels. It’s a place where enthusiast of zombie apocalypse TV shows can meet and discuss weekly episodes, possible plot twists, character analysis and interpret future episodes and story development.

This club was created by students and is organized by students. This is a weekly session where students can freely express their love and passion for the show and for the “walkers”. We also show clips of future episodes and whatever else club members want to share and discuss. A zombie movie is also in the works! New members are always welcomed!

(this club/activity is no longer active)

Dead Poets Society publishes Lester B. Pearson's own weekly student-run newspaper. Each copy is 25 cents and all proceeds benefit the children's literacy fund.

(this club/activity is no longer active)

The Huggies project originated at Michelangelo InternationalAcademy back in 2002, where Spiritual Community Animator, Vince Lacroce and myself, Sonia Arnoldo, came together to bring some cheer to my niece Sabrina Di Giandomenico. She had recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor and was hospitalized at the Montreal Children's Hospital. The original goal was to create Valentine's Day gift baskets for all the terminally ill children at the hospital.Sabrina lost her battle to cancer within the year.However, the project has continued to grow over the years, with more than 10 schools having raised over 25,000$.

Last Valentine's Day, Lester B. Pearson raised $1600 and proudly submitted a cheque to the Children's Hospital.This year, February 13, 2015 will be our Huggies fundraising day. The team has planned a dress down day, bake sale, as well as a candy sale which was graciously donated by Kevin & Williams Candy Corporation.Furthermore, we are working with Vincent Massey Collegiate with the goal of organizing a friendly competitive sport game.

(this club/activity is no longer active)

The Lester B. Pearson Dance program is expanding its horizons this year, now offering students afterschool dance classes taught by professional teachers. The dance genres offered are Classical Ballet with Paul Bertrand a dance teacher who is also affiliated with Les Grand Ballet Canadien; and Hip Hop with Kara a dance teacher who is affiliated with Extravadanza. Students have the opportunity to expand their performance skills and experience a wide variety of dance genres, while developing choreographies to be present in the ENCORE- Performing Arts Showcase at the end of the year.

(this club/activity is no longer active)

The Young Writers Club allows its members to express their ideas through their written words. Students share and collaborate using different writing forms. Many of the students, who work on their individual writing pieces enjoy the opportunity to share and receive feedback on their written creations.

Safe Student Zones

LBP has the first Universal Washroom in the EMSB! School is like a second home and every person should have the equal right to feel safe and comfortable wherever they go. On the main floor across from the games room you will find a gender-neutral washroom that is also easily accessible for students in wheelchairs or have mobility challenges.

Every lunch hour, students may join us in the Games Room for air hockey, Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 games, ping-pong, shuffle board, foosball and more! All the games in the room are offered free of charge and is open to the first 20 students each lunch.

LBPHS’ Student Council transformed an old classroom into a student lounge! Students may visit the Café at lunch where they can eat, use our microwaves, play a game of pool or listen to music. The Café is also our permeant venue for our coffee house events.

This room will serve as a safe space for our students to regain balance and will help to refocus. The child care workers will use this room to give our students the support they need in order to achieve success in all areas. Students may come to the room for quiet lunches and games as well as attend workshops led by our inter-disciplinary team.

LBPHS has an elevator for students with mobility issues and is restricted to those unable to use the stairs. Permission must be obtained from the administration. A $10.00 deposit and a doctor’s note is required for an elevator key.

Going on an international trip offers students an opportunity to gain worldly experience, learn about peoples and places and offers them a chance to grow emotionally. Although their learning is not limited to the subject-specific competencies of the classroom, considering the diversity of the places we will be visiting; English, French, Geography and History are the courses most implicated.

Cycle 1 students are invited to embark on a 3-day journey in discovering the city of Boston. The students travel to Boston, by luxury motorcoach. An Educatour tour leader will guide the students in discovering the city of Boston.

Students visit the the New England Aquarium, University of Harvard, the observatory of Prudential Tower Skywalk, and learn about the American Revolution by taking a walk through Freedom Trails.

For sports fans, the journey continues by visiting and experiencing a Red Sox game at Fenway Park!

To conclude the trip, students travel to Salem, to experience and explore a theatrical enactment of the Salem Witchcraft hysteria.

This year, our students in secondary 3 and 4 will have an opportunity to visit Washington DC for 3 nights and 4 days. Washington is the heart of American politics and ideal destination for students to gain valuable insight into American history and culture. From the White House and Capitol buildings; the Liberty Bell to the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution at Independence Hall, there’s history around every corner. We will explore the legendary Smithsonian museums and take in all the local culture. History and adventure never tasted so good.

Students in secondary 4 & 5 will be embarking on a whirlwind adventure on the Meditation coasts of Italy, France and Spain. This journey spans four countries, beginning with the allure of the Swiss Alps, spending time along the Italian Riviera’s rugged coastline of Cinque Terre. Stop to smell the flowers in Nice France and learn about the rich history of Provence which was home to great artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet and Renoir. The tour ends by enjoying the Catalan flavour of Barcelona.

For 3 days and 3 nights, Secondary 5 students get to experience the lights and sounds of the City that Never Sleeps!

Through a dynamic, fun filled and personalised tour you get to experience the Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty, Little Italy, Central Park and of course Times Square! Add in a Broadway show and a museum and so much more, this makes for a trip full of memories.

End your school high school year by taking a bite out of the Big Apple!