School Uniform

Lester B. Pearson High School

It is mandatory for all students at Lester B. Pearson High School to wear the school uniform, appropriate clothing and appearance.  The uniform must be worn as of the first day of school, during all outings and field trips unless otherwise specified by the school administration.  The school uniform has been approved by the Governing Board.  

Uniform garments must be purchased from the school's official supplier.  Fitting sessions are scheduled annually to provide parents the opportunity to have your child fitted and to complete the ordering of uniform garments.

The following items are considered part of the uniform:

  • Navy blue pants
  • Royal blue or white polo shirt short or long sleeved, collar down
  • Navy blue v-neck or zip-up sweater worn over the blue or white polo
  • Low-heeled shoes
  • Graduation apparel (hoodie, short/long sleeved t-shirt) for secondary 5 students
  • A plain short sleeved t-shirt may be worn under all tops

The following items and accessories are not permitted:

  • Any alteration of the uniform. This includes rolling or knotting pants, polos and other clothing items.
  • Non-school uniform sweaters, outdoor jackets or coats are not permitted to be worn in class.
  • Only a plain short sleeved t-shirt may be worn under all tops. (turtlenecks or long-sleeves will not be permitted under the polo)
  • Caps, bandanas, or any headgear.
  • Belts must not be visible.
  • Boots are not permitted on the second, third floor and sports complex area
  • Sandals / flip-flops are not acceptable.

Please note that students must be in full uniform as they enter the school, leave the school and in order to board the express buses.