The guidance department is committed to working with our students in relation to academic, social, and emotional areas.

Through counselling, students are provided a safe space to express their concerns, gain self-awareness, and learn how to develop healthy coping strategies. The guidance counsellor also works with students to become independent learners and feel empowered in dealing with their issues.

Within a high school setting, a short-term counselling model is used to help students get back on track. Short-term counselling focuses on situational problems such such as stress management, interpersonal conflicts, self-esteem concerns, academic struggles, and relationship issues that can be resolved within a short period of time. When students require specialized, intensive, or long-term therapy, appropriate referrals are made.

The guidance counsellor works closely with the school’s resource department in order to provide additional support to students who are undergoing learning difficulties .

Students are welcome to make an appointment with the guidance counsellor anytime!

Guidance Counsellors

If you have concerns, visit the Guidance Office to make an appointment. Students must have an appointment from the Guidance Counselor (made in advance) to be seen during class time.

To request an appointment please e-mail the guidance counsellor for your level and state your name, grade, your preferred appointment time and your reason for the request in the body of the e-mail.

Levels 1, 2, & Resource Natasha Krsteski
Levels 3 to 5 Michael Plescia

Co-Curricular Programs

This Program has been designed to provide students with an opportunity to engage in a meaningful experience in an area of occupation interest. Hopefully, your involvement in this program will subsequently serve as a springboard towards realistic and appropriate career planning. A student who participates may spend up to a day visiting a company while learning, through observation, discussion and sometimes practical work, the many facets of a particular occupation (e.g. dentist). If you would like more information or would like to participate come and pick up an application in the guidance department.

A joint project of the Auxilliary of the Jewish General Hospital and The English Montreal School Board, the Hospital Opportunity Program for Students (HOPS) is offered to all qualifying Secondary 5 students.

The purpose of the program is to sensitize students to the general functioning of a hospital through a mostly observational and on occasion, participatory format, in the hope of assisting them in developing realistic and appropriate career plans.

Offered in conjunction with Montréal Relève to students in secondary 3 & 4, this allows our students to experience the professional world by participating in an intensive week-long internship in a career that interests them over summer vacation.

Le Faubourg (Suicide Prevention) 1-800-661-0101
Kid's Help Line 1-800-668-6868
Kid's Help Line: Text HOME to 686868
Youth Protection 1-800-361-8665
Narcotics Anonymous 1-800-879-0333
Drugs Help & Referral 1-800-668-6868
STD & AIDS Information 1-800-463-5656
Gay Line 1-800-505-5656
Gambling Help & Referral 1-800-461-0140
S.O.S. Domestic Violence 1-800-363-9010
Poison Control Centre 1-800-463-5060
ALPPAMM (Mental Health) 1-800-663-0659
CAVAC (Victims of Criminal Acts) 1-800-492-2822
Stop (Violent Men) 1-800-267-3919
Centre Marie-Eve (Pregnancy) 1-800-663-0659
Parents Line 1-800-361-5085
Montreal Children's 514-412-4400
St-Justine's 514-345-4931
CLSC Montreal-Nord 514-327-0400
CLSC RDP 514-494-4924
CLSC St-Leonard 514-328-3460