Lester B Pearson High School offers a wide variety of elective courses.

Secondary 4 Electives

The Italian courses are designed for beginner to intermediate Italian language students. Throughout the course of the year, students learn many aspects of the Italian language and culture. Ranging from the basics of Italian grammar to the various regional treasures of Italy, there are several topics covered in each course.

Through oral presentations, reading comprehension, and writing assignments, students are able to understand and use basic Italian. They also gain a wider knowledge of Italian culture.

Students who are currently enrolled in an extra-curricular Italian course (ie. PELO\Picai) should not be taking this course. The credits cannot be repeated.

The Spanish Language option is very compelling for students seeking to inject an international flair to their curriculum.

There are two levels available: at the Secondary IV level it is the Spanish Beginner option and in Secondary V, students can follow up with the Spanish Intermediate level. Students with no knowledge of the Spanish language are more than welcome to join as the beginner course has no prerequisites.

This course is designed for students to begin their journey through the worldwide influence of the Spanish language and culture, from the basics of grammar and pronunciation to the intricacies and history of the various regions of different Hispanic speaking countries. By the end of both the Beginner and Intermediate Programs, students should be able to understand and use moderate Spanish and have a better knowledge of the societies where the language flourishes around the world. Their exposure to the artwork, writing and filmmaking of Spanish individuals will give them a broader appreciation of the contributions of Hispanic personalities in media and their grasp of the spoken word will have them conversing colloquially between their colleagues, as well as the ability to present information on chosen topics with formal diction.

Introduction to Robotics is an elective course designed to allow students to learn the basics about designing, building, and programming robots. Students will be combining theoretical science concepts and practical, hands-on learning to explore the basics of robotics. Students will ultimately use hands-on learning to explore the basics of robotics, science, problem solving, and mathematical reasoning.

This course is designed to further develop a students' dance skills and techniques in a variety of genres. Students also learn how to collaborate in creating complex group choreographies and live stage performances.

Secondary 5 Electives

This course is a one-year pre-collegial program in Physics designed for those wishing to enter CEGEP in the Pure and Applied or Health Science Programs. The interrelationship between Science, technology and society is stressed throughout the program using an experimental hands-on approach. Prerequisites in Scientific Math and Science of the Environment are necessary. (4 Credits)

This course is a one-year pre-collegial program designed for those wishing to enter CEGEP in the Pure and Applied or Health Science Programs. Through an experimental approach, the student develops a sense of environmental issues while acquiring an understanding of the relationship between science, technology, and society. Prerequisites Scientific Math and Science of the Environment are necessary. (4 credits)

This course introduces students to the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes. The emphasis will be on the key topics of the major psychological concepts and principles. Students will explore and apply psychological theories associated with the various concepts and research findings. (4 Credits)

Macroeconomics offers students a blend of current economic knowledge such as how our economy functions, a variety of economy-wide phenomena is thoroughly examined such as, inflation, price levels, rate of growth, national income, gross domestic product and changes in unemployment.

This program is designed for students with a strong sports background who wish to further improve his/her fitness level throughvarious sports-related activities. The emphasis will be placed on (1) increasing the student’s cardiovascular and muscle endurance (2) develop strong leadership abilities (3) learn life skills such as first aid training and CPR (4) and understading the principles of human movement and the importance of healthy active living. (4 Credits)

Students will further develop their Italian language skills and writing skills in this program.

Students must have taken Beginners Italian in Secondary 4.

Students will develop three competencies in this program. (1) Communicates orally in Spanish (2) Understands texts (3) Writes texts. (4 credits)

Students must have taken Beginners Spanish in Secondary 4.

The student will develop skills in painting and drawing. Knowledge of painting is developed through painting analysis. Students will be encouraged to develop individually through an exploration of themes. (4 Credits)

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